Kuba Markiewicz

Software Developer
Everything you can imagine is real. Pablo Picasso

About me

I am a software developer from Poland, Warsaw with experience in working for intaractive agencies and as a freelancer.


  • Frontend development: JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, D3), ActionScript 3, Flex, HTML5, CSS3 (Twitter Bootstrap), C++ (Openframeworks)
  • Backend development: PHP (Symfony2, Doctrine ORM, Composer), MySQL
  • API's: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GoogleMaps
  • Other: git, Photoshop, Maya, Arduino

Selected works


ChinoPinball is an open source tool for mapping pinball game via projection. It written in C++ (OpenFrameworks) using Bullet 3D physics engine. It was presented at FAB10 conference.
As a member of Chinos International collecitve I was participating in designing and developing the installation.


visit the website: compostory.org
Online learning platform for communities around the world.
I was responsible for designing application architecture and programming in MySQL, PHP and Javascript.

Yaya María

visit the website: www.yayamaria.com
Responsive product website for a Spanish bakery brand.
I did programming in PHP, MySQL and Javascript using custom CMS.

Viña Esmeralda

client: Torres
agency: Grapa.ws
Facebook application strongly integrated with Facebook API. It's goal was to gain new fans of Facebook page of Viña Esmeralda. A CMS featured social graph visualization allowing for in-depth analysis of users actions.
I developed the app in PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript and Facebook API.


client: Vaho
agency: Grapa.ws
visit the website: vaho.ws
An online store with handcrafted bags made of reused materials like banners or city bike tires. It includes custom bag composer where users can design and order their cusom bags. Shop features on-line payment, internacionalization, PDF generation and robust CMS.
I developed it using custom CMS and PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript.

Facebook apps for Sephora

client: Sephora España
agency: Grapa.ws
Various Facebook applications for Facebook page of Sephora España.
I developed apps using PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript and Facebook API.


client: ITI Neovision
agency: 180heartbeats
The site provides schedule for nFilmHD and nFilmHD2 digital TV movie channels. Users can customize schedule view to their specific movie preferences. Site also provides movie descriptions, trailers, galleries etc. Users can write their own reviews and comments.
I took part in designing application architecture and participated in production team. I used PHP, MySQL, HTML and Javascript.

Nokia Music Store. "Liczy się muzyka"

client: Nokia
agency: 180heartbeats
The site was an element of an advertising campaign of Nokia Music Store. It was a Flash application. Users could play with Augmented Reality using their webcams, record and upload their video. Videos were also published on YouTube.
I participated in this project by implementing server side programming including mixing audio and video from user's webcam and integrating the site with YouTube and Facebook. I used PHP, MySQL, AMF, HTML and Javascript.

Knorr. The best for Christmas.

client: Knorr
agency: 180heartbeats
The site was a landing-page for Christmas campaign of Knorr. An interesting element of the site was a “greetings composer” allowing users to compose Christmas greetings of short video clips of children speaking single words. Users could then send full video to their friends as a video postcard.
I participated in this project by implementing the “greeting composer” on the server side. I used PHP, MySQL and AMF.

Cin&Cin. Odkryte Pragnienia

client: Cin&Cin
agency: 180heartbeats
This site is part of an advertising campaign of Cin&Cin containig various interactive elements like games.
I worked in a production team developing website with PHP, MySQL, AMF and Flex.


client: 180heartbeats
agency: 180heartbeats
Modular desktop application performing functions similar to intranet, containing contacts management and websites statistics modules. Application implements Adobe Air technology.
I was responsable for designing application architecture and it's implementation. I used Air, Flex, PHP, AMF and MySQL.


client: 180heartbeats
agency: 180heartbeats
Email marketing application for running mailing campaigns for large groups of recipients and providing advanced statistics on it's effectiveness.
I programmed application using PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript and Flex.

Honda Aries Power

client: Honda Aries Power
agency: Golden Submarine
The website of the Honda brand products distributor. Website allows users to browse, search and compare products from the manufacturer's offer.
I programmed website and CMS using MySQL, PHP, Javascript and HTML.


client: Hibrid
Online shop offering bags designed by independent artists. It was Flash based website.
I was responsable for server side programming including order process, online payments and creating CMS. I used PHP, MySQL, HTML and XML.

Club 55

client: Club 55
Website for one of the most famous clubs in Warsaw. It was created in Flash.
I was responsable for server side programming and creating CMS for managing events and sending newsletter. I used PHP, MySQL, HTML and XML.